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Lucky Ali Once Revealed The Real Reason Behind Quitting Bollywood: “Is Jagah Mein Badtameezi Bahut Hai”

Here's Why Lucky Ali Quit Bollywood
Here’s Why Lucky Ali Quit Bollywood(Photo Credit –Facebook)

Lucky Ali, despite being limited with his discography, has earned a place in the hearts of true music lovers. Especially for the 90s kids, his voice is irreplaceable. Apart from his own albums, Ali crooned several songs in Hindi films. But it was a shocker to learn that he quit singing and acting in Bollywood. Now, we take a look back at the real reason he chose to say goodbye to Bollywood.

Ali made his musical debut in 1996 with Sunoh album. Its O Sanam was a huge hit upon release and went on to open the floodgates for pop songs in the Indian music scene. Ever since then, the veteran vocalist delivered several evergreen classics including his songs in Hindi films. He even tried his hand at acting but wasn’t successful. It was Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone‘s Tamasha (2015) for which Ali sang his last song for a Hindi film.

Post Tamasha, Lucky Ali took a backseat and decided to quit both singing and acting for Bollywood films. This decision was a shocking one as it came to lights out of nowhere. But Ali had his own reasons and he once opened up about the same while talking to Pollywood Box Office in 2017.

Lucky Ali had said, “Is jagah mein badtameezi bahut hai. (This place has a lot of disrespect). Bollywood has changed. The movies which are being made these days are lacking inspiration and I think there is nothing to learn from such movies.” He even bashed the industry for not making films that make a good influence on society.

“This generation’s movies are leaving a bad impact on society. People are getting violent as they are inspired with what is being showcased in the movies. I believe less patience and more greediness is being promoted through movies,” the Safarnama singer added.

Meanwhile, Lucky Ali celebrates his 64th birthday today. So wishing him a very happy life ahead!

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