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Akon Feels Michael Jackson’s Mysterious Death Could’ve Been Prevented? Says “That’s Why He Was Taking Sleeping Pills…”

Akon Breaks The Mystery Behind Michael Jackson's Death Due To Overdose Of Anaesthetic Propofol, "He Was Too Damn Excited... He Wanted Everybody To Have The Most Amazing Experience"
Akon Feels Michael Jackson’s Excitement Over His Comeback Concert ‘This Is It’ Killed Him, “It’s Kind Of A Gift & A Curse” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Senegalese-American singer and rapper Akon rose to prominence in 2004 following the release of “Locked Up”. He has given several chartbusters since then and went on to become one of the most popular singers in the international music industry. Now the Loney singer reveals some shocking details about Michael Jackson’s death. Scroll down to know more.

Legendary pop star Jackson often called as ‘King of Pop’ was one of the best-selling music artists of all time. His songs ‘Beat It’, ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Thriller’, and ‘Dangerous’ are some of the most popular songs even after decades of releases. His death in 2009 ahead of his comeback concert in London ‘This Is It’ was mirred in controversies.

Rapper Akon was speaking ahead of a hugely anticipated documentary about Michael Jackson’s demise. He said that the ‘Thriller’ singer had the drive that was both a curse and a gift. He believes that the singer’s obsession with his work played a part in his death.

For the unversed, several reports claimed that the King of Pop died due to an overdose of anesthetic Propofol and benzodiazepines 13 years ago. Taking to The Sun, ‘Smack That’ singer said, “He didn’t even sleep. That is why he was taking sleeping pills because he was too damn excited. He would be up for weeks at a time thinking about how he wanted everybody to have the most amazing experience, he wanted to create something that was going to be talked about for centuries.”

Akon also said that Michael Jackson had that level of energy which would not let him sleep and he was constantly pushing himself to the limit. He wouldn’t stop untill he gets the desired results. “You are going to need help to get sleep because your mind is constantly moving and your energy and your flow [are] electric to the point where you cannot turn it off. So he pushed himself to the limit and if he wasn’t satisfied he was going to stay there until he was satisfied. It’s kind of a gift and a curse.” the Senegalese-American singer said.

The rapper even went on to respond to the claims that Jackson’s death was inevitable. He said, “The way I view life, nothing happens without God’s permission. “And I believe that if it happened it was for a purpose of whatever God had assigned for that purpose to impact us the way it did for it to happen the way it happened. From that spiritual standpoint, I think it was definitely inevitable.”

“Now if you’re looking at it from a reality standpoint, I think anything, in reality, can be prevented. If the rumors are true, then clearly there should’ve been people around him that could’ve advised him against it,” Akon said.

A documentary by FOX TV titled ‘TMZ Investigates: Who Really Killed Michael Jackson’ will showcase the legendary star’s demise. The documentary will also focus on Dr Conrad Murray, who was convicted in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter for providing the dose of Propofol that killed him, as well as claims a lot of other people were also to blame.

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