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“Ravi Teja Is Changed… Not Taking Any Sort Of F*cking Feedback,” Brutally Slams A Fan For His ‘Poor Choices’ Post Ramarao On Duty

Ramarao On Duty Failure Leads To A Ravi Teja's Fan Slamming Him Via A Lengthy Open Letter
Ravi Teja’s Fan Slam Him Via Open Letter For ‘Poor Choices’ As Ramarao On Duty Flops: “You Keep On Making Films… Aren’t Distributors/Exhibitors Losing Money Because of It”(Photo Credit–Still From Ramarao On Duty)

Ravi Teja is one of the top actors based in Southern India who has a huge fan following across the globe. The actor’s most recent film – Ramarao On Duty, released in theatres on Friday, July 29 but the response it’s receiving isn’t that positive. In fact, a fan even took to Twitter and shared a lengthy note criticizing the actor and his film choices.

As per reports, the film barely made Rs 8 crores worldwide in its first three days. Fans of the star are now venting their anger on the actor and filmmaker. In fact, Sarath Mandava – the man who directed the star, has also been receiving much hate and abuse. Nasty insults, jibes, and taunts are being flung at him by the fans of the star and reportedly he has locked his Twitter mode cause of it.

Ravi Teja fans have derided Ramarao On Duty saying that it does not have any single moment that captures his stardom. Sharing a lengthy letter slamming the actor for signing films without thinking of the effect it has on film distributors, exhibitors and fans, a fan wrote, “This is a genuine heartfelt messade to Ravi Teja garu who I love to the core, not just as a fan but also as a person who loves cinema. He was the one who made me fall in love with cinema (not just Telugu films but world cinema).”

This fan of the actor continued writing, “But, sadly I’m not seeing the Ravi Teja I fell in love with in my childhood anymore. He’s changed. The one who made me love cinema is not irritating me with his own films. I know this is not right to write it on the first day of release itself, but it should be said.” He continued, “You’re the one who said to ‘IGNORE NEGATIVITY and MOVE ON’. But, what you’re doing is you’re just ignoring negativity and not taking any sort of F*CKING FEEDBACK. You only improve when you take the feedback seriously and try to rectify it, right? But what the heck are you doing?”

The fan added, “The man of your stardom can even say no to star directors like Trivikram or Sukumar etc. And you say, I know the struggles of newcomers and that’s why I give a chance for them. Even we want that but please f*cking give to the one who have some talent and someone who deserves more than these shitty directors.” This Ravi Teja fan continued, “You keep on making films no matter what without thinking about the last one. And that’s probably goof for all the technicians that world for films. But, what about the distributors/exhibitors? Aren’t they losing money because of the same film?

The fan continued, “I know it’s waste of time to just going to think about your films and all. I try really hard to just ignore it after watching just like the common audience. But I just can’t ignore you. I love you so much. I took a day’s leave just to watch your film. I know you’ll not agree with this, but that’s just the love that I have for you.” Ravi Teja’s fan concluded by saying, “What we need is just a good f*cking film. We don’t care if it comes out every 3 months or a year or two. We just want a good film. The Vintage RT that made me love films. In the end, I wait for Dhamaka with the same enthusiasm as I had for ROD. And the story repeats.”

Ramarao On Duty isn’t the only Telugu to have tanked at the box office. Naga Chaitanya’s Thank You, The Warriorr, Happy Birthday, Pakka Commercial have all been flops. Talking about Ravi Teja recent releases, the actor – who is known as ‘Mass Maharaja,’ has delivered some flops in recent times. His Khiladi was a dud at the box office

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