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Taylor Swift’s Jet Emits 1,184 Times More CO2 Than An Average Human, Leaves Kylie Jenner, Drake Behind Discharging 8,293 Tonnes Of Carbon

Taylor Swift’s Jet Has Emitted The Most CO2 In 2022, Reports Claim It’s 1,184.8 Times More Than The Average Person’s Total Annual Emissions
Taylor Swift Leaves Kylie Jenner & Drake Behind When It Comes To CO2 Emissions Via Private Flying In 2022 ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Celebrities are always travelling around the world – or in some cases much shorter like Kylie Jenner taking a 12-minute flight recently and Drake’s moving his plane for storage, in their private jets – and this has recently come to the notice and been slammed by many. Now, a digital marketing agency conducted a study to see which celebs have been emitting the most CO2 this way and may need to mitigate their carbon footprint. Any guesses? Well, shockingly it’s Taylor Swift who topped the list.

Ever since reports of Jenner’s short flights made the news, celebs have been under scrutiny for taking their private jets out on numerous occasions. Through an intensive study – from January 1 to July 19, the sustainability-driven digital marketing agency Yard revealed a list of celebrities who have emitted the most CO2 via private flying and we aren’t happy seeing all the names. Read on to know who all made it to the list and what Taylor’s reps have to say about her topping it.

As reported by The Rolling Stones, Yard recently put together a new report using data to rank the celebrities whose private jets have flown the most so far – and subsequently dumped the harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) the most into the atmosphere. The study carried out from January 1 to July 19, showed that Taylor Swift’s jet flew 170 times in this period totalling 22,923 minutes aka it spent 15.9 days in the air. As per their calculations, that created estimated total flight emissions of 8,293.54 tonnes of carbon and thus took her to the top of the list.

Yard, in their study, stated that emissions by Taylor Swift’s jet are 1,184.8 times more than the average person’s total annual emissions. While she made it to the top, the site also reported that the singer’s jet flew one more yesterday, July 29.

In response to Taylor topping this list – that in no way is good as it’s harmful to the world, the singer’s spokesperson told the publication, “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.”

For those wondering how the report was created, the sustainability-driven digital marketing agency collected data from Celebrity Jets – which in turn pulls its info from ADS-B Exchange. The agency based its carbon emissions estimates on a UK Department for Transportation estimate that a plane travelling at about 850 km/hour gives off 134 kg of CO2 per hour; that estimate was multiplied with both time-spent-in-air and a factor of 2.7 to account for “radiative forcing” – which includes other harmful emissions such as nitrous oxide (2.7 was taken from Mark Lynas’ book Carbon Counter). That number was then divided by 1000 to convert to tonnes.

While Taylor Swift topped the ‘Celebs’ Private Jets That Created The Most CO2 Emissions This Year’ with 8,293.54 metric tonnes of CO2 flight emissions so far, the other celebrities on it are – Floyd Mayweather (7,076.8 metric tonnes), Jay-Z (6,981.3 metric tonnes), Alex Rodriguez (5,342.7 metric tonnes), Blake Shelton (4,495 metric tonnes), Steven Spielberg (4,465 metric tonnes), Kim Kardashian (4,268.5 metric tonnes), Mark Wahlberg (3,735.2 metric tonnes), Oprah Winfrey (3,493.17 metric tonnes) and (last in the top 10) Travis Scott (3,033.3 metric tonnes). If you are wondering where Kylie Jenner and Drake are on the list, then Jenner’s jet landed at number 19 with 64 flights and CO2 emission of 1682.7 tonnes and Drake at number 16 with 37 flights and CO2 emissions of 1844.09 tonnes.

While many fans love to see Taylor Swift at the top of lists, we hope she doesn’t top such a list again.

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