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When WWE’s Triple H Roasted His Wife Revealing Her Bedroom Secrets, “Even A 747 Looks Small When You’re Flying Into The Grand Canyon”

When WWE's Authority Stephanie McMahon & Husband Triple H Had A Brutal War Of Words Leading To Spilling Of Raunchy Deets!
Where Triple H Verbally Destroyed Wife Stephanie McMahon In A WWE Episode!(Photo Credit–Instagram)

Triple H and Stephenie McMahon are one of the most powerful couples in the World Wrestling Entertainment industry. The two have made their names over time with one recognised as ‘The Game’ and the other known as the Chairman’s daughter. While the two have immense love for each other, they were once bitter rivals in the past.

Talking about the same, the 14-time WWE world heavyweight champion had once destroyed Stephanie during a verbal spat on the show leading to them spilling some raunchy bedroom secrets!

A video from a very old episode from WWE, more popularly known as WWF is now making rounds on Instagram (Shared by a page name Ghantaa), which features a segment where Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and the World Heavyweight champion of the time Chris Jericho. It is to be noted that in the video, during that time Stephanie and Triple H were having a fling and got into a verbal spat with each other in the middle of the ring. The Chairman’s daughter tried to instigate ‘The Game’ by insulting him in his s*xual life. She said, “See when it comes to the bedroom, ‘The Game’ always comes up a little bit short.” The comment stunned everyone present from the commentary to the fans.

Well, Triple H who chose to defend his manhood was not so humble as he gave a response that shook now wife Stephanie McMahon down to her last atom. He said, “Maybe it was not so much that it was the game that was short, Maybe it was that the field I was playing on was too damn big.” The video continued to show Stephanie’s stunned reaction as The Game continued, “Let me make it a little more clearer for you. Even a 747 would look small if you fly it through the grand canyon.”


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Well, this just proves why no one messed with The Game during his prime. Coming back to the present, Stephanie and Triple H are a happily married couple sharing three kids, namely: Vaughn Evelyn Levesque, Murphy Claire Levesque, and Aurora Rose Levesque.

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