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Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock Among Top Contenders Interested In Taking Over WWE?

Dwayne Johnson Wants To Take Over WWE?
Dwayne Johnson Wants To Take Over WWE? ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

WWE continues to make noises out of the ring! Lately, the leading pro-wrestling brand has been in negative talks due to an ongoing investigation of s*xual misconduct against Vince McMahon. Now, the latest we hear is about the two names interesting in taking over the company with one of them being Dwayne Johnson. Keep reading to know more about it!

It’s not now but this rumour has been there for a long time. As we all know how WWE is still the monopoly in the pro-wrestling business and many big guns are interested in a partnership or in taking over. Now, one of those names is said to be of The Rock and we aren’t surprised by it considering his love and passion for pro-wrestling.

As per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dwayne Johnson is among the top contenders who would be interested in taking over WWE. He said, “The two names that have come up in many questions as far as if they sell are Nick Khan and Dwayne Johnson.” He further added that the duo share a special equation.

“Those are both very interesting [names]. Of course, Nick Khan and Dwayne Johnson have a relationship, the story is they were childhood friends in Hawaii when they were both very young. [Nick Khan’s] sister is the showrunner for Dwayne’s television show, so whatever relationship they had before, the fact is they know each other,” Dave added.

Dave Meltzer continued, “Dwayne himself does not have the money to buy WWE, nor does anyone, but could he go in there and round up capital? Can they all work together and buy this company together? That is an absolutely intriguing possibility.”

What do you think? Will Dwayne Johnson acquire WWE anytime soon in the future? Share your views through comments.

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