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When Tom Cruise Laughed It Off Sharing A Shocking Incident Where He Cut Oxygen For A Passenger Flying At A High Altitude

When Tom Cruise Turned Off Oxygen For A Passenger While Flying At A High Altitude
Tom Cruise Once Restricted Oxygen For A Passenger For His Own Safety(Pic Credit: Facebook)

Tom Cruise is a brilliant, highest-paid actor who has performed some of the most terrific, death-defying stunts. His latest movie, Top Gun Maverick, turned out to be a golden egg for the actor. It soared through the box office, surpassing several Hollywood biggies, to become the highest-grossing film of 2022.

Not just that, it also made Cruise the highest-paid actor with a whopping $100 million salary. Besides being a great actor who has reached multiple new heights, Tom is also famous for the controversies that surround him, and there are many!

This includes the time when Tom Cruise restricted oxygen for a passenger when flying to Colorado. We all know that Cruise likes his airplanes such much as he likes acting. A lot of his movies surround him performing stunts in or around an aircraft. Top Gun Maverick is a fine example of it. But there are times when his love for flying becomes harmful to others.

Back in 1999, Tom Cruise appeared on Late Show with David Letterman and recalled the moment when he stopped oxygen for a person on board the flight he was flying. The Mission Impossible actor, his co-pilot, and the rest of the passengers were using oxygen masks as they were flying at high altitudes.

But soon, Tom realised he did not have enough oxygen to stay alert at that altitude. It was then that he and his co-pilot decided to turn off the oxygen mask for the passenger so that they could continue their journey. What was more shocking than this was that while recalling the story, the actor kept laughing.

The host of the show pointed out that “looking at it from another direction isn’t that attempted manslaughter? You just turned a guy’s oxygen off. You’re lucky you’re not doing time, for the love of God.” However, Tom Cruise assured the safety of the passenger, and both laughed it off.

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