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Top Gun Maverick Had Real, Breath-Taking Aerial Shots With 6 IMAX Cameras & Footage Of 813 Hours Filmed!

Top Gun Maverick Had Marvelous Aerial Shot-Here's How They Were Filmed!
How The Top Gun Maverick’s Aerial Shots Were Filmed(Pic Credit: Poster)

Top Gun Maverick is a box office hit and has already reached $900 million globally within a month. It is giving competition to some of the biggest movies of 2022, like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The reason behind this is Tom Cruise’s love for realism.

If you don’t know, all the fighter jet scenes in the Joseph Kosinski directorial are real, and real Navy jets, F-18, were used. This makes the movie all the more special. But it was obviously hard for Cruise, Miles Teller, Monica Barbaro, Glen Powell, and the rest of the cast to shoot the scenes without any CGI.

It is known that to shoot the aerial scenes in the real fighter jets, the cast of Top Gun Maverick had to go through a boot camp to prepare for it. Even the US Navy was involved all the time. What was even harder was to get a clean shot of all the sequences in the air. So let’s see how the breath-taking, death-defying action scenes were filmed.

Each cockpit of the multi-million jets had a brand new camera system, which allowed six IMAX-quality cameras inside. The Top Gun Maverick director Joseph Kosinski revealed that these six cameras were put in a different direction, four cameras looking back at the actor and two looking forward. There were two jets in the air, which means 12 cameras were being used constantly, without counting the ones on the ground and other exterior mounts.

The director also revealed that on one day, 26 cameras were rolling, and overall, 813 hours of the aerial footage was shot, with two hours making it into the final film. We applaud the editors! It’s unbelievable to what extent Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast went to make this movie.

Especially, considering the 7.5 g-forces pulled by all of them, and Tom Cruise has a big helping hand for the others. Now, all the eyes are set on Top Gun Maverick reaching the one billion mark at the box office.

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