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BTS Member V Sassily Takes A Dig At One Of His Fans After He Says “ARMY Is Not Fun” – Deets Inside!

BTS' V Sassily Takes A Dig At His Fan As He Says "ARMY Is Not Fun", Deets Inside!
BTS’ Member V Sassily Takes A Dig At His Fan & You Are Gonna Love This(Photo Credit–Instagram)

BTS has been all over social media since the last few days and some of it is because ARMY is still having a hard time digesting the fact that the boys will now be focusing on their solo careers. In a recent turn of events, member V took the internet by storm with a semi shirtless picture and let’s just say fans had a unique way of having fun with it. He even took a low key dig at a sly fan who put a difficult option in front of him in a recent Weverse session.

For the unversed, the Bangtan Boys announced through their recent FESTA segment that they have decided to focus on solo careers from now on. Even though they did not exactly mention ‘hiatus’, most media outlets and fans assumed that they were going on a break due to a mere mistranslation. Maknae Jungkook had to come live and clarify that the band is not on a break and will continue to participate in their game segment BTS! Run, while working on projects individually.

In the most recent turn of events, BTS member V decided to shake up the internet with a picture where he was seen wearing a light blue shirt. What was special about this picture is that he left it unbuttoned, teasing his fans with his bare skin. Needless to say, ARMY could barely keep calm after the drop.

V even decided to reply to a bunch of fans on Weverse, following the photograph release and it’s safe to assume that some of his responses were simply too sassy yet cute. A BTS fan asked him “Who is more fun, ARMY or Bangtan?, to which V aka Kim Taehyung jokingly took a dig at the fans and wrote, “ARMY is not fun”. In another segment, he told the fans that their reaction videos to youth is leaving him in tears. Have a look.




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