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Sirf Tum Fame Kajal Pisal Says, “Surviving Hardship Gives Us A Broader Perspective On What Hardship Really Is”

Kajal Pisal Says Surviving Hardship Helps Us Know Better Who, And What, Matters In Life
Kajal Pisal, Currently Seen In TV Show ‘Sirf Tum’, Feels Difficult Times Make Us Perfect(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actress Kajal Pisal, currently seen in TV show ‘Sirf Tum’, feels difficult times make us perfect.

She says: “Going through difficult times leaves us with a lasting impression. They alter us and change the way we view our lives. We actually learn who and what matters in our life and undoubtedly we have a greater appreciation for them. Such experiences make us more perfect in life.”

The actress reveals after surviving ups and downs in life. Kajal Pisal has more gratitude towards life.

Kajal Pisal continues: “Surviving hardship gives us a broader perspective on what hardship really is. You will look back on the things you use to complain about and be thankful they are your only worries. After we have survived a difficult time, we are given a deep gratitude for our life.”

The actress feels she is lucky to have light in her real-life from her characters and the situation she acts onscreen.

She adds: “Going through difficult times happens. To find the light, I make sure to have learning while acting for the tracks in our TV shows, we go through the darkness and as an actor I enjoy the opportunity to take a deep learning from my onscreen charecters or tracks. And remember that the lessons I’m learning will shift my view of life offsceeen too. End of the day I easily learn what matters, who matters, how strong I’m and how lucky I’m to exist.”

Kajal Pisal is known for featuring in shows like ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’, ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’ and ‘Naagin 5’, among others.

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