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When Brad Pitt Pulled Off A Hilarious Prank On Prankster George Clooney & Convinced People He Was A Diva

Brad Pitt Once Pulled A Hilarious Practical Joke On George Clooney
Brad Pitt Once Pranked George Clooney ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia ; IMDb )

Brad Pitt once convinced people that George Clooney was a diva as a prank. It is quite known that Clooney is a prankster who has played several practical jokes on his fellow actors. Previously, it was revealed that he pulled one of the “worst” jokes on the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star by putting a ‘F*ck Cops’ sticker on Pitt’s brand new car.

It’s not just Pitt who has fell prey to George’s prank. Once before, the actor revealed that pulled on Matt Damon as well. Damon was losing weight for a role in a movie, and each time he would he wore his costume, Clooney would ask the wardrobe head to stitch a few inches from it.

Every time that happened, Matt would get agitated as his “pants were getting tighter” despite him shredding weight. That’s hilarious. Now, we bring you another prank, but this time the victim was George Clooney. Back in 2022, the Batman and Robin actor spoke with GQ and revealed a memorable time while filming Ocean’s 12 with his co-star Brad Pitt.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt were busy filming the movie in Lake Como, the hometown of the former actor. While shooting Ocean’s 12, “Brad sent out a memo to all of the people in the town, my town, I’d lived there for years,” Clooney said. “He had it posted on telephone polls and said, ‘The movie is coming to town, and please only address George Clooney as Mr. Clooney or in his character name as Danny Ocean, and don’t look him right in the eyes,’” the actor added.

“So the papers were like, ‘Il Divo! George Clooney is Il Divo!’ It was a horrible story that I later got him back for,” he continued. It’s always funny when the prankster gets pranked! Also, considering their history, it seems like pulling practical jokes on friends is a good way to maintain the relationship!

Meanwhile, both George Clooney and Brad Pitt are busy with work this year. Clooney is working as a director for the upcoming film ‘Boys on the Boats’ and will also be seen next to Julia Roberts in ‘Ticket to Paradise.’ As for Pitt, he will be seen in ‘Bullet Train,’ ‘Babylon’, and more.

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