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Aryan Khan Slapped In Jail By Sameer Wankhede In Shah Rukh Khan’s Presence? Let Us Bust The Rumours & Fake Reports!

Busting Of Sameer Wankhede Slapping Aryan Khan On A Live Call With Shah Rukh Khan
Here’s The Truth Behind Aryan Khan Slapping Incident ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia ; Twitter )

In the last few days, we’re hearing some disturbing news related to Aryan Khan. As per some viral reports, NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede slapped Aryan in presence of Shah Rukh Khan. There are really mixed reactions to this rumour and many really don’t know if it’s true. So let us bust open the incident and put the truth in front of you.

As we all know, Aryan is currently under judicial custody. Reportedly, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are constantly in touch with NCB officials to keep a check on Aryan’s health. It is during one of these calls, the slapping incident is said to have taken place.

As per viral reports, during one of the calls to NCB, Shah Rukh Khan asked about Aryan’s health. On the other side of the call, Sameer Wankhede slapped Aryan and schooled Shah Rukh that if he would have done this (slapping) to his son during his early years, he might not have turned out to be a spoilt brat today.

The incident is really a disturbing one, but is there any truth to it? We think, no. And below is why we think the incident is a cooked-up story.

During the age of aggressive media, if anything like this happens, it quickly makes it to mainstream media. To give just an example, reports like Aryan Khan eating Parle-G biscuit are already out. So, incidents like slapping would have been part of the main headlines already.

Another important point to be noticed is that the magistrate hasn’t allowed physical torture on Aryan. Even if such an incident would have taken place despite not having the permission of getting physical, the defence lawyer would have raised it in hearing and cornered NCB by now.

So, it is proved that the slapping incident is nothing but just a rumour.

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