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Sex Education Season 3: Here’s How Michael & Adam Groff Bring In A New Vision For Men

Sex Education Season 3: Here's How Michael & Adam Groff Bring In A New Vision For Men
Sex Education Season 3: Here’s How Michael & Adam Groff Bring In A New Vision For Men

As a guest blog post by our readers, brings to you a write-up by Archita Rai on why she thinks how Sex Education Season 3‘s Michael & Adam Groff bring in a new vision for men. Read on!

Sex Education’s Mr Micheal Groff (played by Alistair Petrie), is as we all know, the headmaster of Moordale Secondary School. He’s exactly what his students tagged him ‘uncool’. In the first season, we see how he was against the new SRE circular and in season 2 he creates a scene in the school musical after which he was fired.

Mr Groff is the least talked-about character of this show, the reason being he’s so unlikeable yet relatable because we all know at least one man like him. He’s so insecure of his emotions that he’s made this thick wall so that no one can know what he’s actually feeling. Micheal eats chocolates when he’s stressed, he has a drawer stacked up with chocolates but he eats them sneakily out of fear of what will his students think of him?

In both initial seasons of Sex Education, he’s supposedly designed as a ‘strict’ & ‘rule-following villain’ of the show. Not just in his school but also at home. When Maureen (Samantha Spiro), his wife, wears a new outfit and tries to romance him he ignores her. He’s always ignored her existence. Groff sends his son Adam to Miltary School, never shares emotions with him, doesn’t like getting a picture clicked, always orders him never discuss or talks about anything.

As we watch the recent season we understand why he behaved that way. He who looks like a bully to us has been bullied by his father and his brother his entire childhood. Micheal Groff just like a lot of men was trained to be rough, to be away from the kitchen, to provide for his family, and under no circumstances should he embarrass himself or do anything which brings embarrassment to the family even if it means to live like stone.

After knowing about his childhood we get a clearer idea of why Adam Groff (Connor Swindells) bullies his classmates. Adam thinks of himself as a hunk but is actually a loner with no friends or any interest. It’s difficult for Adam to come out to his mother as gay. He’s in a relationship with the boy he bullied in season 1. Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) is openly gay and knows how to love on contrary to Adam. For Adam holding hands feels like a big step.

While in Sex Education Season 3, Micheal stands up to his older rich cocky brother and tells him that he’s always been mean to him.

He leaves his brother’s house, although he has no place to go he still feels liberated. He asks Jean how to win back his wife, she explains to him that he needs to be content with himself first. She suggests he finds a hobby. Micheal realises he has no hobby. As strange as it sounds to us, it’s the harsh reality that men of our society are given tools without asking if they want to like to fix stuff. They’ve just been told what to do.

Micheal starts cooking and it’s the first time he is enjoying doing something. Out of excitement, he invites Maureen for his cooked dinner as well. If you notice closely you’ll realise how both Micheal and Adam tried to win their love back. Micheal by talking to Maureen and Adam by learning how to write poems. The outcome of their effort wasn’t in their favour but the father-son duo learned what they enjoy doing, what makes them truly happy.

Hopefully, they’ll reconnect in Sex Education Season 4 and we’ll get to see a better and more expressive version of the Groffs.

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