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No Time To Die Star Daniel Craig Says, “I’ll Be Remembered As The Grumpy Bond”

Daniel Craig Talks About His Legacy As James Bond
Daniel Craig Is Playing James Bond For One Last Time In No Time To Die (Photo Credit: IMDb)

While the world is still fighting a pandemic, films finally hitting theatres has become a gateway to a feel-good phase. One of the most anticipated movies, that has waited in the release lobby for almost a year is Daniel Craig starrer No Time To Die. There are too many reasons to be excited about the movie and the fact that it is a James Bond movie after almost 6 years is only one of the reasons.

For the unversed, No Time To Die has been in the making for the longest. The movie is the last time Daniel Craig is playing the iconic spy. The actor has been talking about his exit from his famous franchise at length throughout the promotions. He even reacted to the possibility of BFF Hugh Jackman being cast as the new 007 James prodigy.

The actor has now decided to talk about his version of the iconic British spy and how the world will remember him. Read on to know everything you should and also what Daniel Craig has to say.

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