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Salman Khan Wins The Case Against ‘Selmon Bhoi’ Game As Its Access Gets Restricted By Bombay Court

Bombay Court Restrains Access To 'Selmon Bhoi' Game That's Based On Superstar Salman Khan
Court Retrains Access To ‘Selmon Bhoi’ Game That’s Based On Salman Khan (Photo Credit: Instagram & Play Store)

‘Selmon Bhoi’, a game that became an instant hit amongst the youth, is based on the cases against Salman Khan. In the game, the users will basically play the character of the Bollywood Superstar.

In the viral game, the player has to control a car on a strange planet and kill aliens as well as animals including camels, deers, and polar bears. The game begins with a disclaimer that says, “The game presentation is merely in a fictional context.”

However, while the game was gaining a lot of attention through continuous downloads, Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan reached out to Bombay Court and filed a case against the Parody Studios Pvt Ltd’ game ‘Selmon Bhoi’.

The complaint also involved Google India Pvt Ltd and Goggle LLC. The Bombay Civil Court has mandated a temporary restraint on access to the mobile game and said that the game, images, and computerized features in the game have an “impressionistic resemblance” to actor Salman Khan.

“When the plaintiff has not given any consent for installing, preparing and running such a game which is very similar to his identity and the case which was against him, certainly his right to privacy is being deprived and is also tarnishing his image,” the Bombay Court identified.

Now, The Parody Studios Pvt Ltd which is based in Pune has been restrained from ‘dissemination, launch, re-launch, and recreation’ of the game or any content that comprises Salman Khan. Bombay Court also restricted the defendants from making any slanderous statements against the Radhe actor in any way which ‘tends to injure’ him or his family, including the game.

The game, ‘Selmon Bhoi’ had a rating of 4.7 and was accessible on Google Play. The Parody Studio has been ordered to remove the game from Google Play Store and other identical platforms.

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