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Loki’s Kang The Conqueror To Be Next Thanos In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Kang The Conqueror To Be The Supervillain Replacing Thanos In MCU
Kang The Conqueror’s Appearance In Loki Itself Raised Eyebrows Considering His Future In The Marvel Cinematic Universe(Photo Credit: IMDb)

Loki that released and concluded on Disney Plus starring Tom Hiddleston as the Trickster, went on to be one of the most successful flicks for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not just successful, but it in a way has become the torch to shed light on what is coming up in the MCU. Apart from numerous Easter eggs, gazillion hints at the future, and a lot to be confused about, it also gave us Kang The Conqueror, played by Jonathan Majors.

The fact that the Loki timeline referred Kang by his name left the world in shock anyways. If you are unaware about this plot point, all this while the bad man was addressed as He Who Remains and not Kang The Conqueror. This in turn gave us the idea that he isn’t a blink and miss part anymore.

There is more to his character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than Loki. And guess what? The Marvel gods have a huge plan for the actor. Read on to know everything you should about this exciting update of the day.

To refresh your memory, Thanos, the might villain played by a CGIed Josh Brolin entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a similar way. Through Avengers: Infinity War, he kept on making appearances and in no time became the biggest threat the Avengers were facing. But technically he wasn’t doing much until the end. And we all know the mess he created and the fate he met.

Why did we remind you of Thanos? Well, if the reports in We Got This Covered are anything to go by Marvel is planning to make Kang The Conqueror, the next big villain in the cinematic universe. This means He Who Remains will be the next Thanos for the Avengers to defeat. There are no other updates as to how and when, but it is being said that he will be seen in the projects time and again.

This sounds exciting! Stay tuned to Koimoi for more information on this and everything else from the entertainment world.

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