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Courteney Cox Puts Daughter Coco In The Hot Seat, Asks If She’d Rather Date A Young Joey Or A Young Chandler?

Courtney Cox's Daughter Coco Reveals If She'd Date A Young Joey Or A Young Chandler
Courteney Cox’s Daughter Coco Answers Question While Playing A Hilarious Game Of ‘Who Knows Who Best’ (Pic Credit : Instagram/courteneycoxofficial)

‘Mothers know best!’ and indeed it is proven to be true when the Friends actress Courteney Cox played a game of ‘Who Knows Who Best’ with her 17-year-old daughter Coco Arquette.

In the new video shared on Instagram by Courteney, who played the role of Monica Geller in the show, she and her daughter Coco play a fun trivia game. The mother-daughter duo asks each other hilarious questions about themselves to each other.

Courteney Cox puts Coco in the hot seat and asks a bonus question, “Would you rather have a date with young Joey or young Chandler?” referring to the fictional characters played by Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry.

When Courteney Cox guesses that her daughter would probably choose the dimwitted yet lovable Joey, Coco replied, “Correct” with a nod. On the other hand, the actress was paired with Chandler when their friendship took a romantic turn after Ross Geller’s wedding in season 4.

Courteney and Coco continue with the game by tackling many topics ranging from their favourite crunchy snacks, meals and pet peeves. Coco reveals that her go-to “crunchy” snack is Fritos and correctly guesses her mothers favourite mean which is steak and broccoli.

When it came on Court to guess her daughters favourite mean she said, I’m going to say is…well, you eat pasta every day but I’m going to say sushi,” To which Coco replied “Correct”.

In the video, the ladies also discuss each others favourite qualities and come to the conclusion that Courteney Cox knows about her daughter Coco more than her daughter knows about her mother. To this Coco hilariously replied, “That’s not true!”

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