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Kim Kardashian Faces Criticism Over Her ‘Om’ Earrings, Supporters Call Out Trolls For Their Double Standards

Kim Kardashian's Om Earring Controversy
Kim Kardashian Draws Criticism For Her Om Earrings (Photo Credit: Instagram & Twitter)

Kim Kardashian is known for her bold fashion statements. ‘Take it or f*ck it’ is her clear message for all who criticize her for silly things. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is now back in the news and this time, it’s due to her eye-grabbing ‘Om’ earrings.

A few days back, Kim dropped some pictures to promote her KKW Beauty line. While she looked stunning as usual, it was her earrings that grabbed all attention. While some liked it, others ended up criticizing her for insulting Hinduism. Some even called out criticizers for showing a double standard.

See Kim Kardashian’s pics:


Another user wrote: “Can Westerners for once respect other cultures?? Om is a religious symbol, not your aesthetic”

See what others wrote who came out in the support of Kim Kardashian

“If the Om can be worn around the neck why can’t it be worn as an earring? People taking a swing at Kim here are just doing some sort of propaganda to get Hindus to be branded as intolerant, which Hindus are absolutely not.”

“What’s there to be offended about? Don’t we Hindus wear the same Om sign across our necks and ears as accessories? Why the hypocrisy? So much brouhaha about nothing”

“People wear lockets of their religion…Kadaa in Sikhism put Om tattoo on their body. What’s the big deal in this?”

Let us know, what do you think about those earrings.

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