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Art that speaks volumes

Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 vaccine caller tune, Debjyoti Saha’s recent 30-second animation titled The Horror on Instagram’s reels sheds light on the irony of having to hear the cold automated message play while trying frantically to make phone calls to admit and eventually, save your loved ones from succumbing to the virus. But as he points out, such is the reality of many across the nation right now. This short clip that has garnered 3.9 million views so far, is not Saha’s only popular piece. For the past six years, the graduate from NID Ahmedabad has been working in the field of animation and has released several thought-provoking artworks on his social media, including his viral series Korona last May that caused a similar stir. 

A still from the animation, The Horror

“Over the years, I realised that I needed a voice for the work that I do and my work is an involuntary reaction to the socio-political environment in our country. I do it with the intent to create dialogue while being honest with my approach,” adds the 27-year-old animator. While he agrees that the content of his work might not evoke the happiest emotions, he believes that these are topics that must be talked about. “The pandemic has hit worse this year and it’s not normal anymore. I was a little sceptical of making this content at first but it is the truth of what’s happening in the country today. I’ve seen people go through these experiences, and I’m sure we all know people who’ve been affected by COVID-19 or have lost loved ones to it. I wanted to let that frustration out in the best way I know,” he adds. Responses to his animations have been largely positive. “With The Horror, many people could relate to the scenario scenario depicted and many have messaged to share their personal experiences,” he reveals.

Debjyoti Saha

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