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Review – Butter Chicken Factory (Bandra) – Ubiquitously Classic!

By Aryeman


Rating 5 Stars!

Few dishes can evoke such a passionate and varied response from diners but, whether it’s religiously ordered or desperately avoided, there’s no denying the dish has helped popularise Indian cuisine globally. Yes, it is the Butter Chicken which is a delish dream, the memories of which brings mouth-watering flavours.

For most non-vegetarian food lovers, Butter Chicken is a lifestyle.

If you’ve had butter chicken, you know this; if you haven’t, think of tender chunks of chicken meat swimming in a mildly spiced tomato-based sauce, enriched with enough butter and cream to suggest the cook who made it loves you. There’s very little not to like.

Amidst the pandemic scare, eating or ordering from out was a strict no-no for us. Unable to resist our temptation and craving for butter chicken, we finally settled to order our meals from ‘Butter Chicken Factory’ in Bandra.

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Strict health measures are being adhered to by this outlet. The service is swift and timely. The packaging is classy. The food obviously a class apart.

The food review:

What we ordered:

Butter Chicken – An amazing balance of flavours,   without overdoing the tomato base or the sweetness quotient. There’s no overdose of butter floating to give that added effect. Soft, huge-sized chicken meat chunks are served unlike the competition. A true blast of flavours where perfection is the key.

Dal Makhani – Creamy, rich and slurpy. An absolute delight.

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Kali Mirch Chicken Tikka – Oozing with flavours, subtle kali mirch flavours, wholesome pieces.

Soya Chaap – A show-stopper. The marination is lip-smacking, chunky soft pieces of soya – a ubiquitous treat for veg lovers.

Veg Biryani – Simmered to perfection, long grained rice with outstanding hints of spices and subtle gravy.

Chur chur naan – Balanced and tasty.

Raita – Went well with the biryani

Pudina Pani – A chilled bottle served, the flavours are sensational. The right balance of sweetness and tangy flavours. A must order too.

Owner Abhishek Khanna surely has a winner on hand. Follow up calls were regular, this move is surely pro-active unlike most restaurants who wouldn’t bother. More power to all the Butter Chicken lovers.

You can place your orders through Zomato, Butter Chicken Factory (Bandra) will surely become an addiction.

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