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Author Aimee Shaye’s amazing and well-planned style of writing multiple books at the same time.  A MUST READ!

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By Aryeman


A brief introduction of author Aimee Shaye (in her own words)

Hello everyone! My name is Aimee Shaye and I am a fantasy author based in New York City, New York in the United States. I write most subgenres of fantasy but I steer clear of horror. My motto is: reality bites, fantasize instead. I love the fantasy genre because I get to create my own rules and the universe is the limit. I can go anywhere I want and do whatever I want.

My books are plot and character driven and only have romance if it’s needed and moves the plot along. More often than not, if there is any romance it will be a slow burn, meaning that it doesn’t happen right away. In real life, relationships take time to bud and I like to show the budding relationship of the characters.

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I have written adult-only books in the past, especially three romance books that I released, two of which were based on my life (Have Mercy and Silenced) but going forward, I want my books to be PG-13 at most and want families to be able to enjoy them together. I like that I was able to read Nicholas Sparks books at the age of 13 even though they were intended for adult audiences. I want my readers to feel that comfortable as well.


How long did it take to get your first novel / book published?

I wrote my first book from 2007 to 2014 (title: Destroyed (Chronicles of the Seven Sons Book One). It took me 7 years to publish and it was a rushed publication. I wanted to prove my ex wrong; he told me I could never amount to anything because my topic of Greek Mythology and a prophecy to save the world was so overdone that no one would ever want to read my book.

As soon as I finished, I edited myself and completely mucked it up. Then I sent it to other editors and because I was naïve, I was screwed over by some. I left it as it was until last year when I decided to take it down and rewrite it. I hope to republish it by the end of the year.

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What mistakes did you make with the publishing of your first book which you try not to repeat?

I published it too quickly. I should have taken the time to find a professional editor, even if it was one of my creative writing professors at college. Instead, I didn’t and it showed. I was so unhappy with it that I took it down. I am fixing everything wrong with it and I am also rewriting bits and pieces.

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Can you focus on working on two books or stories at the same time?

Actually, I can! It’s one of my quirks actually. I usually have two books that I’m working on at the same time and when I find myself blocked on one, I immediately switch to the other. I plan the bare bones of it, like the main scene in each chapter, so I have those documents in front of me as well. It helps me keep everything straight so I don’t get the stories mixed up.

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Is there a modus operandi you follow and formulate before you actually start writing your next book?

I learned how to plan out my stories before I begin writing. It’s a lengthy process but it’s a lot of fun! I start out by building a world by following a questionnaire I received from one of my creative writing professors. The questionnaire includes topics such as the politics, races, and religions of the world as well as any languages they speak, how many countries are in the world, and if the world is mostly human or magical. .

Once I am finished with world building, I move on to character questionnaires. There are two questionnaires I put together and made into one long form: the Proust Questionnaire and the Gotham. These two questionnaires put you in your characters’ shoes. You don’t have to answer the questions in your characters’ words, but I do because this puts me in their head and allows me to flush out who they truly are.

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Once my characters are flushed out and ready to go, I begin to plot the book. I start by writing the main problem and the solution. Then from there, I write one to two sentences about what I want to happen in the beginning, middle, and end of the novel. After doing this, I write one to two sentence about the main scene in each chapter. Once I’m done with that, I format my Microsoft Office page to the correct paperback dimensions and I get started!

Does the writer’s block actually exist? Any tips you would give to come out of it.

Writer’s block is a real thing. It’s hard for me to come out of sometimes but there are different things I do to get out of it. One thing I do is writing prompts. I am active on Tumblr and I follow a lot of writing prompt blogs. Usually prompts are uploaded once a day. If the block still prevails and I can’t come up with anything for 5 prompts (sometimes the prompts don’t speak to me), I write a stream of consciousness.

Writing stream of consciousness was how one of my creative writing professors helped us to get ready for class. It’s a timed five minute period where we write down anything and everything that comes to mind even if we have to start with “I have writer’s block” or “I don’t know what to write.” At the end of the five minutes, I read what I’ve written down and pick out the pieces I can work with, even if it doesn’t relate to my writing at all. Writing anything down is fine. I can always come back to it later. As long as I get the writing juices flowing, I can get back to my book. Works like a charm every time!

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How often do you read other novels? Who are your favourite authors?

I read other novels every time I get the time. Reading is essential to writing because it’s important to view other styles, read other expositions, and understand what makes a good novel. Some of my favorite authors are: Nicholas Sparks, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Melissa De La Cruz, George R.R. Martin, J.K. Rowling, and Jay Kristoff. However, I am open to reading any author as long as the book is appealing to me. I read many different genres except horror.

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The books are available on these links:

Destroyed and 86 (Books one and two of The Chronicles of the Seven Sons series; these books are currently off the shelves because they are being rewritten.

Have Mercy


If you are Listening…

The Broken Daughter (The Cursed Kingdom Series Book One)

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