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J. D. Tiktin – I have been lucky so far not to get a writer’s block.

By Aryeman


A brief about the author J. D. Tiktin

J. D. Tiktin was born in Hollywood, Florida, and moved to Miami months later. At seven years old, in 1980, he moved up to the Washington, DC area. By the time he earned an art degree at the University of Maryland in 1995, Tiktin had long since traded his pencil for a paint brush.

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Eleven days after graduating, he high-tailed it to Atlanta and lived the starving-artist life. While cooped-up in a dead-end job, Tiktin once again picked up the pencil. The result was a poetry book entitled ‘My Name Ain’t Edgar but I Sure am Po’ and more songs.

Writing a book had been in the back of Tiktin’s mind for at least a decade. However, it always seemed like a goal that was too big to chew. To his shock, his debut novel ‘Nuttin’ Butta Sandwich and the Ten Condiments’ spilled out of his brain in less than a year.


How long did it take to get your first novel / book published? 

1 year

What mistakes did you make with the publishing of your first book which you try not to repeat?

There were a few grammatical errors

Can you focus on working on two books or stories at the same time? 

No, that’s difficult for me.

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Is there a modus operandi you follow and formulate before you actually start writing your next book? 

Yes, I outline the story, list traits for the characters, create a map, and develop a timeline.

Does the writer’s block actually exist? Any tips you would give to come out of it.

Yes I am sure it exists for many. I guess I have been lucky so far not to get it. I would recommend some or all of the following: skipping the part you are on to write another section, force it until it flows, read other authors, and/or try to write in a completely new location.

What was the book that most influenced your life, and why? 

Probably the bible (The Old Testament). The stories are so epic. After that, Lord of the Rings has made interesting reading.

How often do you read other novels? Who are your favourite authors?

I only read about 3 a year since I’m so busy creating, Tolkien.

The books are available at these links:

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