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Author Gerrit Grundling – Writing two books in tandem, I just loved the experience.

By Aryeman


A brief about Author Gerrit Grundling.

Author Gerrit Grundling, is from South Africa and living in Israel. Father of 2 amazing children, Danielle 11 and Yoav 8, he is an international business development specialist with many years of experience in the field of business. For the last couple of years, he has been working with coaches, psychologists, and therapists in the health and wellness field. As a trained Psychologist, Life-coach and NLP master he has unique insights into the workings of the field of self-development.

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Due to the current situation, he has decided that all proceeds will go to the funding a family with 1 small kid and the mother 3 months pregnant. Both parents lost their jobs during this time as their companies closed. What he wants to do is unconventional – is to donate all proceeds of his new book, The Business Beast to them.


How long did it take to get your first novel / book published? Honestly, this has been a while maybe 6 months from start to finish. However, the ideas has been brewing the last 3 years.

What mistakes did you make with the publishing of your first book which you try not to repeat?

Everything. I tried the marketing gigs and editing gigs. Big mistake for sure.

Can you focus on working on two books or stories at the same time?

Yes, I can and I have. During the writing of this book I started my second. Writing them in tandem. I just loved the experience.

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Is there a modus operandi you follow and formulate before you actually start writing your next book?

I am new to this so no, I just put pen to paper write, write, rewrite and write.

Does the writer’s block actually exist?

I believe it does, I would say go for a run, do some exercise to get the blood flowing. Works for me.

What was the book that most influenced your life, and why?

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How often do you read other novels? Who are your favourite authors? 

I read this year 4 months 34 books, love it. Robin Sharma, Dan Brown, John Grisham.

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