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Author Tracy Heims – No parent should ever have to face watching their child die.

By Aryeman


Based in the small town of Walkerton (Indiana), author Tracy Heims describes herself as an emotional writer. Surely a touching real life incident can get your world upside down.

Her book:

Learning to Walk is the story of the heart-breaking Wilms Tumor diagnosis that brought author Tracy Heims to her knees. She prayed the childhood cancer that her tiny son had been diagnosed with could be managed.

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What makes the book special?

Tracy Heims disclosed, “I actually never intended on writing a book. This started as a diary, but later became a therapeutic obsession that allowed me the opportunity to exhaust my emotions. I wrote about the good times—funny stories about my son before this wretched diagnosis changed all of our lives.

“My heart and soul were drained as this debilitating sadness took over my entire being. No parent should ever have to face watching their child die. He fought battle after battle but still lost the war. Caleb was only three when he succumbed to an invisible force he could no longer fight. There are times in our lives that cause us to pivot.”


How long did it take to get your first novel / book published?

It took me four years to complete the book.

What mistakes did you make with the publishing of your first book which you try not to repeat?

I got too excited and told everyone about the book before I felt content. I still had the book cover, author page and back page to  complete. In the beginning of publishing, I did not realize the importance of those pages. An author helped me in the minimum requirements to have a complete book.

Can you focus on working on two books or stories at the same time?

Yes, because my mind sees everything as a whole.

Is there a modus operandi you follow and formulate before you actually start writing your next book?

I research the subject even if I myself have the experience. The more you research and get in-depth the plot, your characters start creating more havoc.

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Does the writer’s block actually exist? Any tips you would give to come out of it.

Yes it does exist. Write every day, even if it is only a paragraph. It helps keep things flowing.

What was the book that most influenced your life, and why?

The Bible.

How often do you read other novels? Who are your favourite authors?

These days, I am not much of an avid reader. Some of my favourite authors are Jodi Picoult, Harlan Coben, John Grisham, Ted Dekker.

The book is available on the below links”


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