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Antara Banerjee  – Mothers are our 24×7 helplines.

By Aryeman


Being a mom can be tough. Bringing up children is hard work. And moms often put added pressure or unrealistic expectations on themselves. Combine that with outside pressures of social media, TV, comparing to other mom’s, and constantly being told what to do, what the perfect family is, how you should look, etc. it’s a wonder anyone chooses to become a mom at all! But it shows the strength that being a mom requires. And moms ARE strong. They deal with adversity and hardship without complaint. The strength it takes to do all that moms do is amazing.

Author Antara Banerjee has always been delight to interview. Sharing her thoughts on Mother’s Day, you feel all charged up and ready to soar the skies, to battle the strong winds and emerge as not just a happy mother but a successful individual with a well-etched out focus on your career too.

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What has been the most favourite memory of your Mom?

I have so many great memories of being with my Mother that I really cannot single out one. I cherish our heart-to-heart conversations that happen time to time, irrespective of where we are. She has been my biggest support and strongest critic.

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What are some special memories you have about your mom, where she went out of the way to keep you happy?

My most difficult moment was my decision to walk out of my dysfunctional marriage. My Mother and Father stood by me like pillars, supporting me in everything while I went through the most difficult time of my life. They not only cushioned me, but also my little son. My mother is a mother to my son Aum too as I am away in Mumbai and he stays in Kolkata with my parents. I think he is an extremely pampered kid! I wonder how I lost out on this pampering!? My parents were never so indulgent to me.

What are the two lessons from your Mom which have made you a better individual?

To be brutally honest, come what may and to be MYSELF.

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How was your relationship with your mom over a period of time? How has it evolved over a period of time?

I always in awe of my mother, she is highly educated with a strong personality, articulate and extremely self-respecting. I could never take my mother for granted. She never scolded me much but stopped speaking to me if she was displeased. Her silence was my biggest punishment. As I grew, her stature in my eyes only grew bigger. She was always ready to be with me, through all ups and downs. Today there is nothing I do not share with her and vice versa.

Any moment in life where you hurt your mom and are sorry about it. Do narrate the incident.

I was always a head strong girl. I had saddened and displeased her badly when I was dating a person, she really did not approve of. Not that she had anything against me having a relationship, but she strongly believed that he was not the right person for me. The relationship did not mature in the end, anyway.

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How are you and your mom different from each other?

I guess, I am much more feminine, flexible and pleasing than my mother. She is an iron lady and has to have her own way at all times. I can never picture her going out of her way to please anyone (of course, my son is an exception)

Any moments in life (related to your mom) you would like to change or alter. Why?

There is nothing in my life vis-à-vis my mother that I would like to alter, rather, I want to be more successful in my cerebral pursuits, that makes my mother more proud of me. She has always taught me to be myself and stay out of the rat race. I hope I write more and more and win accolades for the same. That will be my best gift to her.

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