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Anahita Irani – Mothers are the most cherished and charismatic gift from God.

By Aryeman


She is always there for you. No matter how far away. She loves you unconditionally and takes your arguments with a smile. There is a little bit of her in you. Even when she moves  out of your comfort zone, she continues to live in you. She is your mom, and there is nothing in the world that can replace or recreate the love she showers upon you.

Our next Mother’s Day series is all about Anahita Irani – a teacher, content writer and successful blogger. Anahita’s mom shifted locations to Pune, yet mother and daughter have their happy moments of fun, frolic and family bonding. From one mom to another, this interview will tug your heart strings for sure.

What has been the most favourite memory of your Mom?

I have so many memories with my Mom. Especially when she comes over to stay at my place for a few days. Her routine trip would be a few shopping places, some eateries but the highlight would be a visit to Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s house, Mannat. We click a selfie, sip a cup of tea by the roadside, even chat up with the watchman and other fans and then take a walk by the sea. This will always be my most favourite memory.

What are some special memories you have about your mom, where she went out of the way to keep you happy?

Yes, mom hates taking pictures but then when I request her to pose, she goes out of her comfort zone to please me. That I really appreciate.

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What are the two lessons from your Mom which have made you a better individual?

Mom is always giving me many lessons on life. She has taught me not to put up a false show or pretend to be what I am not. Be righteous and truthful in all that I do. So that has become my second nature.

I have also learnt the importance of family and how to deal with certain situations. Family comes first she says, everything else can wait. Now my family values my commitment and dedication, all thanks to Moms teachings.

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How was your relationship with your mom over a period of time? How has it evolved over a period of time?

During my school days she was a strict disciplinarian. However, now she is more easy and friendly. We laugh and enjoy plenty of happy moments with children and my dad.

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Any moment in life where you hurt your mom and are sorry about it. Do narrate the incident.

Don’t remember any particular incident. But any misunderstanding is sorted out at the earliest. I never like to keep my mom angry or sad, she is very emotional and cannot take it.

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How are you and your mom different from each other?

Mom is very emotional; she cries while watching movies or sees a beggar on the street. In that way, I am a bit stronger. She even has some old thoughts and principles on life and won’t accept certain things readily while I am flexible and take whatever comes in my stride.

Any moments in life (related to your mom) you would like to change or alter. Why?

I only wish Mom had not sold her Bandra house, and moved to Pune. She would still be near me and I could visit more often.

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