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By Aryeman


With Mother’s Day round the corner, we thought it’s best to dwell more on relationships shared between a mother and daughter. In this series, we speak to Mumbai based Geeta Hansaria who is a Homeopathic practitioner, Influencer, Content Writer, Recipe Curator. Besides this, Geeta is also a Blue tick verified Instagram influencer and a mother too.

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The inputs shared in this interview are surely inspirational and loaded with parenting tips.

What has been the most favourite memory of your Mom?

My most favorite memory of my Mom has been coming home from school and finding her in the kitchen cooking up my favorite meals.

What are some special memories you have about your mom, where she went out of the way to keep you happy?

I had exam phobia while growing up. I was a great student, scored excellent marks in exams but on the day of exams freaked out. I had the habit of waking up in the wee hours of the morning (read 3 am) and revising.

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I was so phobic that I insisted that mom should be awake with me. I didn’t trust my alarm clock and I made her sit right next to me quietly. She never refused or complained in spite of having to do household work the whole day. She used to be awake for me sitting by my side. These are the moments I can never forget.

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What are the two lessons from your Mom which have made you a better individual?

My mom has been my inspiration and she never fails to amaze me with her attitude, her unconditional loving and selfless nature. For the family always came first. I learnt many lessons from her but two important ones that stuck are:

  1. Be grateful in every situation and things will be easier
  2. Only compete with your own self – everyone has their own milestones

How was your relationship with your mom over a period of time? How has it evolved over a period of time?

Since childhood, my relationship with mom has always been a close-knit bonding. I always confided all my secrets to her. Over a period of time, we became more like friends with her telling me her problems and her issues and me gladly giving her advice. Now it seems sometimes that I have to scold her at times to take care of her health, just like she would earlier. I have learned a lot of values and the art of being patient from her which I hope to imbibe in my daughter too.

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Any moment in life where you hurt your mom and are sorry about it. Do narrate the incident.

I always used to accuse my mom of loving my brother more while growing up (sibling rivalry is a common trait as kids) but I know now, being a mom, that it is not so. Now, I feel bad that I used to behave in such a petty manner.

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How are you and your mom different from each other?

My mom and I are similar in a lot of ways but different too. While she is the epitome of patience, I still am learning to be patient. While she has always borne a lot of things silently in her life, I am pretty much rebellious and speak my mind.

Any moments in life (related to your mom) you would like to change or alter. Why?

I would not like to change any moment in my life with my mother as each one is special for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. In my best moments and the lowest, (besides my lovable spouse), the one person who was always there has been my mother.


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