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Nimrit Kaur – My mom has been my world and my go to person.

Nimrit Kaur with mother

By Aryeman


Nimrit Kaur as Meher from Choti Sarrdaarni, “I think the closest person to every child is their mother. Ever since I was little, my mum has been my world and my go to person. She has always told me that she should be the first person that I should be able to share my feelings with; no wonder she is my best friend. It’s her kindness, compassion and empathy that has ensured that I remain grounded. It is her fiercely confident nature that inspired me to push myself and to dream big. It’s her constant support that made me reach where I have, today.  I don’t think anybody has or ever love me the way she does. I don’t think I know of anyone more selfless than her . And I believe I would turn out to be a fine woman, daughter, wife, mother and a friend if I could be half as wonderful as she is. I dedicate this Mother’s Day to her and I will make sure to do things together that make her happy.”

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