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Travel Diaries – Palms Kitchen at Fairfield by Marriott, Ahmedabad.


We have had a mixed reaction to the in-house restaurant of Fairfield by Marriott, Ahmedabad. They serve a generous buffet and also serve a la carte. Since we were stationed for 3 days at the hotel, we had to experience the buffet at most times. Only on day one, we had to ask them to plate some dishes for us so we get decent pictures.


On day one, we noticed that most of the hot plates weren’t switched on. So the food which was laid out was definitely cold. This was brought to the manager’s notice. The spread is a decent one with approximately 10 veg dishes and around 4 non veg main course dishes.


The dinner buffet has a universal variety, catering to international guests too. The salad range is not fancy, nor are the desserts.


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Some weaknesses we noted:

  1. There is a rehash of the biryani (mutton, chicken and egg) on a daily basis. The same version is served and the rice is surely stale on day 2.
  2. The curd rice (delicious for sure) is back on the breakfast table too.
  3. The ubiquitous and world famous Khichdi lacks the punch or zing it should have coming from a 4-star property Chef.
  4. The desserts have the same mithai in different shapes for all 3 days. Nothing unusual is provided and recycling seems to be the modus operandi.
  5. It’s shocking that you visit Ahmedabad and the Chef never adds any Gujurati dish flavours to the spread. All you can notice is Khakras and some assorted snacks which have a Gujurati touch. No Dhokla, patra or even a fafda.
  6. No innovative variations are laid out. The rotis land up much later after you have completed your meal.
  7. Empty snack trays aren’t filled till the time a client makes a request.

Sadly there was not one dish I sampled that left a lasting memory for me from Palms Kitchen. Yes, the service was good but there again, I don’t even know the name of the Manager who tried his best to please me. Service may be good, but the way to a diner’s heart is through his stomach…and that’s where your restaurant did fail big time.


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