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Travel Diaries – Fairfield by Marriott, Ahmedabad


One expects superfluous service when one checks into a 4-star property, but somehow Fairfield by Marriott, Ahmedabad surely needs to tie their shoe laces when it comes to maintaining service standards.


We were there for 3 days and also had the option of the breakfast and dinner on our room. Listed below is our experience with the property.


The property is located at Ashram road so it makes it accessible for smooth travel to all the spots. The first impression while one enters is of a business traveller hotel. The reception area is neat and one does feel impressed.


We were upgraded to a mini-suite room which was spacious and well-maintained. Part of the security gesture (in the wake of the CoronaVirus), we were subjected to the temperature device to ensure that we were in fit condition.


Service issues started here itself. None of the staff volunteered to guide us to our rooms or brief us of the facilities in the room. Nor were we told about the free Wifi connection and how to use it. The access cards handed over to us didn’t work at our room entrance. That’s when a reception staff came over and got things sorted. However, they skipped the mandatory explanation which is expected from a 4-star property which has Marriott as the brand name.

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The access cards for our room seemed to have a perpetual problem every day. Almost 4 times a day, we couldn’t use the elevators and had to go back to the reception to get it activated. The reasoning given to us wasn’t justifiable for sure.


Since ours was a bigger room, one of the air-conditioners didn’t seem to function with the setting panel. We never bothered to complain since that would entail losing out on the upgraded option we had got. Every time we changed positions at night, the bed mattress squeaked and disturbed our sleep.


The room had an open wardrobe concept which doesn’t offer you much space for managing your wardrobe. The room service did a prompt job in fulfilling our requirements. Although when we tried calling the reception in the evenings, it never got answered neither did we get a call-back (missed calls do receive call backs in such properties).

The hotel property just has a basic gymnasium for the clients. As per a notice, the swimming pool is expected soon. The shower area is too slippery and no provision are made for either a rubberized carpet of a hand towel.


None of the staff has been trained to introduce themselves so we can address them in case of queries. A point to highlight here is that Mr. Himanshu did call us (after two emails were sent to the reception prior to our arrival) from Ahmedabad and did personally visit us on our arrival. We were surely touched with this gesture. For the other staff, we were just a room number and didn’t know whom we were talking to.


On one instance, we arrived around 8 pm and had barely got out of our taxi, we have the security guard jutting the temperature instrument onto our forehead without any permission. Couldn’t staff be trained with basic formalities or such intricate issues dealt by some experienced hotel staff?

Overall the experience was a fairly good one. Surely it could have been better since it is linked to an international brand.

Rating – 4 Stars


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