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Travel Diaries – Indian Swag Resto Cafe, Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad, known to be a Foodies Paradise has loads of varieties to offer – be it the street food specialities, the food thalis, the sweets and desserts or even fine dining options. What I realised was that the prices are competitive and affordable without compromising on the food quality.

We chose to venture into our foodie trail with Indian Swag Resto Café, not just primarily for their Robot Waiter (speaking in Gujurati and English) but the innovative food flavours which were the talk of the town. The afternoon zone was less crowded but surely we were amazed with the sprawling minimalistic ambience (on the lines of a Social outlet) and of course the food flavours it offered.


Chef Nandan has curated a blasting menu, with numerous options for set menus which offer a humungous choice for a bunch of foodies who can feast on a great variety. An enterprising Marathon runner with a humanitarian streak to his credit, the Chef surely will charm you with some lip-smacking delicacies. One of the finest restaurants (though spaced out in the Satellite area region) which is a must visit if you are exploring Ahmedabad. Kudos to the management for coming up with such an unusual Robotic concept.

Do watch a visual video treat of our visit on our Instagram @aryeman9

Here’s listing down what we savoured:

Cigar rolls – Although we weren’t in favour of ordering this dish, the staff insisted we give it a shot. Surely, it has the best flavours when blended with the dip (which was served with it). Authentic, untasted flavours for sure.

Cheesy BBQ fries – Satiated our pangs on a cheat day.


Chef Hand-picked platter – An amazing range of differently spiced kebabs, too good.

Spicy time’s pizza – Loaded with creamy cheese with a hidden inlay of spices and crunchy veggies. Loved the perfectly done crispy crust which made it a perfect deal to order it.


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Cranberry cheese kofta – We opted out of our choice of having a sizzler since we were almost done with our eating. Our chef insisted we try this signature speciality dish which surely blew us out with the uniqueness of flavours it has been concocted with. Although the cranberries are seeped within the gravy, the ultimate effect is just perfect without over-doing the sweetness quotient it could have added to the dish. The gravy was rich-in-texture, smooth and gloriously divine. We regret not completing the dish since we had reached our satiation levels, maybe should go back again to relish just this dish once again. Hats off Chef, you have an ultimate showstopper dish with this one.

Masala carrot cheese khulcha – Finely grated orange carrot is layered and smeared on the khulcha top. The masaledaar cheese flavour from within is drool-worthy. Divine for sure.

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Hariyali naan – Crispy, thin-layered and flaky, an ultimate version (almost handcrafted to please) – wonder why this magic hasn’t been tasted in Mumbai restaurants as yet.

Mocktails – Just perfect and slurpy.

We skipped the desserts since we are surely visiting again to experience the other varieties they have to offer.

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