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Play review – Unfaithfully Yours Rating 5 Stars Truly a ‘Khatta Meetha’ slice of life experience!

By Aryeman


What the play is all about?

Can a one-night stand transform the couple to get into a long-standing relationship? Can that moment of lust translate into an intoxicating bonding?


Believe me, this is the first play on infidelity that emerges a winner. Never has an illicit relationship been depicted with such empathy. A word of caution – this play would surely tempt you not just to cheat on your partner but also have fond memories of being in a relationship outside your marriage.

What makes this play a Super Hit?

The script is so superfluously crafted that you will fall in love with the characters. The subtle humour between a Sardarni and a Gujju guy, their compassionate unconditional feelings for each other, the problem sharing-and-sorting, being there for each other despite meeting only once a year….ooff…you will love the dynamics with which your heart strings are tugged.


Actors Review:

Mona Singh – Bubbly, positivity loaded, spontaneous and the show-stopper of the play. She sails through with flying ‘rang birangi’ colours. A natural performer, she goes berserk with the pregnancy delivery scene and gets the audiences empathy in the breakdown scene. The comic punches are pitch-perfect. Mona Singh excels like a solitaire – just like the one she wore recently for her marriage (lol). Great job, Jassi jaisi actually koi nahi!


Rohit Roy – Adaptable, meticulous and gets into the various layers of his characters effectively. It’s a pleasure to watch the instant chemistry these two actors infuse on stage.

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Direction review:

The show has done six long years of shows. That was the prime reason for me to review it. Unfortunately I seem to have missed out on this magical wizard that Raell Padamsee is. The entire stage flow has been skilfully blended with the scene transitions. Loved the radio show gap filler episodes and the immaculate production values.

A bow to Raell Mam for this endearing journey. Hats off to the commendable efforts for promoting theatre relentlessly, especially training kids with speech and drama. More power to you.

Looking forward to your next play!

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