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Play Review – India The Musical Rating 5 Stars Electrifying, Energetic Entertainer!

By Aryeman


Rahul Bhuchar (Founder of Felicity Theatre) has done the invincible magic once again. The Man with the MIDAS TOUCH knows exactly how to package a theatrical play and strike gold. His strong business acumen is evident from his choice of producing “India – The Musical” and launching it with great fanfare in Mumbai.


What the play is all about?

This high voltage theatrical performance takes you down memory lane depicting the travails of some of our glorious Indian freedom fighters who were instrumental in the  freedom struggle.  Skilfully woven with electrifying,  modern day Bollywood dance performances, this theatrical play reeks of grandeur, gloss and high-end entertainment.

Before we rush through the reviews, ‘India – The Musical’ is having  3 shows on 25th Jan 2020 at St. Andrews Auditorium,  Bandra. This is one play which the youth, kids and family can enjoy and rejoice in the spirit of our Republic Day.

For starters, a standing ovation to:

The dynamic, energetic and passionate dance troupe who bedazzled us with the pitch-perfect dance movements. You will be amazed with the dynamic (two) male dancers   who perform exemplary, jaw-dropping somersaults and flips.  If   you blink, you could end up missing on the talent which   is part   of this dance troupe.


Also kudos to the costume designer team who has taken stringent efforts to make this play a colourful experience. It’s you guys, who are the unsung, silent superstars for creating   this miraculous   magic.

Writer Review:

The first 12 minutes were an ordeal to fathom. The gags failed to get smiles our face. The opening scene sets the pitch for the show, this one surely needs to set the momentum right  for the audiences.

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The narrative flows with the Eras of Independence smoothly. But overall, as an audience one expects the series to be high on pathos and empathy. The audience should feel proud and yet melancholic about the hardships faced by the erstwhile freedom fighters.

The dialogues don’t evoke sentiments or create a topic for discussion which normally ensues with every theatrical performance.

Actor and Director’s review:

Harshall Kamat, owner of MAD Dance Company, also dabbles as an actor and director for the play. This venture is a re-christened, abridged and updated version of his earlier show titled, “Soul of India”.


As a director, the focus has been more towards the dance sequences rather than raising the emotional quotient of acting. At one juncture, Harshall while interacting with a female member of the audience ends up addressing her as ‘Sir’. The scene change moments are gaps where the actor as the ‘sutradhar’ fails to retain the audience’s retention. It’s understandable like the actor did mention it’s ‘for the dancers to change their costumes’.

As an actor, Harshall Kamat takes full charge of holding the show on his strong shoulders. Few innovative tricks have been incorporated which are note-worthy.

What could have been better?

Tweaking the introduction scene

The climax song is stretched till it gets painful. The same happens with some dance numbers that are long drawn out.

The ‘Khalbali’ song, although creatively choreographed is surely a misfit for the sequence which reeks of Independence.

(Despite these critical  inputs, I would give it a 5-Star rating for the commendable effort and passion by the entire team).

sayantani ghosh

Actor’s review -Sayantani Ghosh

An accomplished dancer always stretches the limitless boundaries and outshines with shimmering energy to bedazzle the audiences. Sayantani adds a lasting impression to her brief character with a timeless magic. (Eagerly awaiting to review your horror play Ovii). Great job for sure.


On the actor front, a special mention to the male dancer who walks away with appreciation galore from my end is the Mangal Pandey performer. Amazing talent, immaculately perfect as an actor-dancer.

#AryemanSaysSo – India – The Musical engages you with electrifying, high octane dance performances and glorifies our Indian freedom fighters. A brilliant initiative by #FelicityTheatre!!

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