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Soul inspiring music to connect to northeaster’s by Shankuraj Konwar.

By Aryeman

For every soul which connects to music, Dur Ximonat is a masterpiece sung by northeast boy Shankuraj Konwar who was awarded as the Best Male Singer in the GupShup Music Awards 2019. This soul touching song is sung in his mother tongue Assamese and through this song, he tries to explore the exquisite beauty that loss is. It acknowledges the various shades of life and the silence that surrounds them. The song is a haunting, inward journey of the self, and yet is full of colors.

Dur Ximonat in spite of being sung in the Assamese, has appealed the mass a lot as within a day the song has bagged more than 18k views and its increasing minute by minute.  This song is originated by his band ‘Shankuraj & Project Baartalaap’,

The Lyrics of this soul-inspiring song was written by Maitrayee Patar, the lead the guitarist was Manasquam Mahanta (Mon), the bass guitarist was Manas Chowdhary, the drums were handled by Ambar Das and this song was Mixed and Mastered by Abani Tanti

Youtube Link –

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