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Naezy marks the Desi Hip Hop day on 8th of January with the release of Maghreb

By Aryeman

8th of January, 2014 the torchbearer of Indian Hip-Hop, rapper Naezy The Baa released his first song ‘Aafat’ that changed the Indian hip-hop space. Six years down the line the voice of the ‘gully’ drops his debut album ‘Maghreb’, presented by Big Bang Music.

Staying true to his roots, Maghreb (meaning ‘West’ in Arabic) is centered around the ‘streets’, but also delves into the light-hearted themes of love and camaraderie. Through this album Naezy wants to bring out and highlight many social issues in the country, the realities of his street and neighbourhood and other relevant topics. Being a true fan of the West culture, he brings in a flavour of his understanding of the West in the album. With ‘Maghreb’, he tries to showcase the best part of Hip Hop, the genre that he believes brings the fun out of a person.

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