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Play Review – Salaam, Noni Appa Rating 4 Stars

One line tagline – A feel good experience.


What the play Salaam, Noni Appa is all about?

Does life reach an end for an elderly widow? Should the woman of today shy away from getting into another relationship? Are the societal pressures bogging you down to take a bold step? These are some of the pertinent questions which are seeking answers from the story narrative.

Salaam Noni Appa 3.jpg

What makes this play a worthwhile watch?

The story-telling is a crisp and zippy flow of comedy without harping too strong on the message. The characters raise the empathy quotient which make them loveable and relatable. At the end of the play, you go back happy.

Writer and adaptation review:

Based on a short story written by Twinkle Khanna, the adaptation done by Adhir Bhat is commendable. The healthy mix of comedy retains the audience attention. What is commendable is the usage of current topical national news has been incorporated to give a new feel to the script.

Direction review:

Actor, producer and director Lillette Dubey ensures that there’s a smooth flow in the scene transitions. The 90 minute drama retains the audiences’ interest especially since it was without an interval.

Acting Review:

Lillette Dubey– Perfection overloaded with a subtle touch. Her poise and demeanour of a classy Ismaili lady shimmer with elegance.

DSC_8730 (1).JPG

Jayati Bhatia – The scene-stealer with her perfect comic timing. It’s always a treat to watch her take the scene to the next level which impresses the audiences. Salute to this super-talented wizard!

Yateen Karyekar – Loved his ‘troubled and tortured husband’ portrayal. He sails smoothly through all scenes with kids gloves.

Salaam Noni Appa 4

Rishi Khurana – Be it humour or the poker-faced look, Rishi emerges with shinning stars for the ease in walking through this role.

Gillian Pinto – Loved her nagging housewife scene where she throws the ultimate, threatening tantrum on her docile husband.

What could have been better?

The pre-climax scene is a bit rushed up. The pitch of enabling Noni Appa taking the final decision could have been pepped up a bit.

#AryemanSaysSo – A play with some brilliant acting, perfect story-telling, elaborate comic scenes leaves you with a feel-good experience.

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