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Neha Borkar’s music debut with Yeh Jo Ehsaas Hai


There are some people who leave an undeniable mark on you, singer Neha Borkar did just that for me. This Cincinnati based Indian Singing Sensation is a software engineer who chose to pursue her dreams of being a singer and she surely has come up with an amazing debut music album, “Yeh Jo Ehsaas Hai”.

Shaan and Neha Borkar (1).JPG

Being party to the live performance, one does notice the versatility of her singing range. Neha’s renditions and high-pitch notes were evident and can be compared to an ace, trained singer. She did belt out some lilting Bollywood numbers which showcased her range and magnitude of perfection.

On the personal front, there is a glowing aura of a positive person who is focussed on the art. Neha has all the makings of a successful singer.

We wish her success in all her future endeavors.

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