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Play review – Dance Like A Man Rating – 5 Stars – Experience it, Enjoy it – You will fall for it!


620 shows all across the globe and still going strong –  the play Dance Like A Man surely has the commanding punch to keep theatre lovers engrossed and entertained. A round of applause to The Primetime Theatre Co. to rigorously promote such exemplary theatre shows.

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What’s the play about?

A story of love, hate, deceit, passion and power struggle neatly etched out within the milieu of the Indian classical dance, Dance Like A Man engages the audiences with dark, deep secrets which make you yearn for more.

Review – Story, Screenplay

Writer Mahesh Dattani has immaculately woven this tale to perfection. The crisp screenplay leaves no space for loopholes or loose endings. Every scene (even the subtle comedy portions) is pitch perfect and engrossing.

Acting Review

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Anant Mahadevan – It’s always a treat to watch National Award winning film director Anant Mahadevan on stage. The restrained poise with which he handles the dual roles is commendable. His act is devoid of going over the top and being a natural actor…as always!

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Joy Sengupta – A dynamite actor whose range is volcanic and shades apart from his recent play Devika Rani. Joy does wonders in the comic scenes and also shimmers as the male dancer with equal poise.


Suchitra Pillai – Effervescent, bubbly and scene-stealer for sure. Her natural persona is infectious. Great job!

Lillette Dubey – A veteran theatre actor, totally meticulous in every scene. Her emotive expressions (be it the flirtatious phone call scene or the emotional moments of despair) are clear indications of incredible energy of a seasoned actor. A big salute, Lillette Mam!

Direction Review:

Maintaining the perfect pace, the audiences never succumb to boredom. Extracting water-tight performances from the actors, perfect lighting and set execution, not overdoing or stretching the classical dance factor – every aspect speaks volumes of Lillette Dubey, an ace director who knows the pulse of the audiences.

#AryemanSaysSo – Dance Like a Man is both theatrical minimalism to perfection and an opulence of expression. A hallmark play for sure which will continue to wow theatre lovers.


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