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Download VAOO for free rides in Mumbai


VAOO, a new sensation has landed into the crowd of Mumbai city. It brings an electrifying tough competition in the Indian cab industry, especially for Ola and Uber.

VAOO guarantees unbelievable deliverables which include free rides for customers, 100% earning for cab drivers with no commission and accurate data driven advertisement for different companies and brands.

VAOO has come up with an extraordinary ride-hailing plan for the cab riders where they can register into the app and watch ADs of their interests in return of which they can earn points. Then can use these points to pay for their rides. The main vision behind this system is to enable the people to gain free ride for themselves and expanding the customers while providing the services to the present non-cab users.

1. Abhineet Pathak (CEO of VAOO) with Kapil Dev during the launch of VAOO in Mumbai DSC_3845.JPG

VAOO has initiated its business with an investment worth USD 15 million. Former cricket player Kapil Dev is also among the top businessmen who have invested in this company.

“VAOO already has 15000 cabs on board and our plan is to gather 3 lakhs cabs in coming 3 months. We are aiming to acquire 10 million customers in the coming 3 months and 30 million in 6 months”, says Abhineet Pathak, CEO of VAOO.

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