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Shocking – 76% of Mumbaikars who are stressed are at heart risk: Saffolalife Study

By Aryeman

his World Heart Day, Saffolalife through its flagship study talks about commonly ignored lifestyle habits and their high correlation to heart health risk. Even more eye-opening is the lack of awareness of the impact of these habits on heart health.

Lack of sleep, stress, sedentary lifestyle, skipping meals and belly fat are key lifestyle habits that show up in those at heart risk.

Key findings of the study: 
  1. People with Stress show the highest incidence of heart risk amongst all the other lifestyle factors
  2. 71% of Mumbaikars who sleep less than 7.5 hours a day are at heart risk 
  3. 62% of people between 30-40 years of age are at heart risk while this number goes up to 79% amongst older adults of 41-55 years of age
  4. Exhibiting one or more of these lifestyle behaviours, Men show higher incidence of heart risk at 74% v/s Women at 69%

About Saffolalife:

Saffolalife™ is a not-for-profit initiative, started more than a decade ago, working towards driving awareness on heart health in India. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have been on a rise in India and Saffolalife’s mission is to reduce the CVD statistics to make India heart healthy.




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