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Play review – Miss Beautiful Enigmatically Thought-provoking!

By Aryeman

Rating – 4 Stars

What it’s all about?

Miss Beautiful explores the vagaries of death, the aspirations of ageing parents and the plight of an earnest son who will go to any limits to keep his parents happy. You may be ageing but are you ready to face death without those unfulfilled dreams of yours being completed? Is Death a beautiful alternative to all the sufferings in your life?


The play (especially the climax) will keep you thinking and give you some answers.

Writing-Direction review:

Makarand Deshpande has always been the ubiquitous, mind-stirring writer who has evoked the audience’s feelings without treading on the down-trodden path of conveying a message. A brief chat with him post the play throws light on the true inspiration of the play.


Deshpande’s father is ninety-plus and the feelings, fears and unanswered quests for happiness form the crux of the story-telling. As a writer, Makarand has boomeranged the levels of silence with his unique style. The messages aren’t loud nor clear. The speechless, wordless and muted conversations set your mind thinking and evoking a dialogue (within yourself and others).

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If a play or movie sets your mind ticking for answers, then the battle is won. Great job by Makarand.


On the direction front, the ingenious and sappy methodology of incorporating a play trial within the play is note-worthy. The directorial touches are unrestricted and the play seeps of strong doses of superb acting from the actors.

What could have been better?

The incessant bickering and nagging of the aged couple could be trimmed with a lovey-dovey romantic touch. The mother’s feelings for her son could be made more dramatic (although it can be perfectly seen in the eyes of the actors). The empathy quotient has been under-played, the fall-in-love with the characters goes amiss.

#AryemanSaysSo – Makarand Deshpande symbolically adds colours to an otherwise pitch-dark concept of death. The treatment may be shadowy and bit vague when you trying finding the Miss Beautiful connection to death. Surely, you will start thinking a bit more and make your life a blissful place…for your parents too!

Acting performances:

Makarand Deshpande (minus his trademark long hair) as Shirish Joshi is a tornado of excellence who blitzkriegs the storyline with eased gusto. As always, a seasoned performance which startles you of the dynamic range an actor can possess.

Nagesh Bhosale  as Vinayak Joshi sleep walks the character with able ease and has his bright moments.


Divya Jagdale as Kusum Joshi proves that an actor can sky-leap even a character on bed. Amazingly brilliant, our heart went for a leap in the climax scene. Hope to see her back with an author-backed role on television.

Sanjay Dadhich as Shaukat offers the breath of fresh air. There were some phases where the momentum dipped on the emotions. But yes, surely an endearing character well-portrayed.


Aananda Karekar as Karve kaka is the SHOW-STOPPER for sure. Noticing him back-stage, it’s hard to believe that the actor has transformed his mannerisms with such perfection. Pat on your back!

Ahelam khan as Anita Sharma in the titular, symbolic role of Miss Beautiful is pleasant to watch. She lived the part of the confused and aspiring actor but somehow the zing required for the character needs to be perked up and liven the performance.

Production values, background score were well-orchestrated. My mind surely got me thinking on Miss Beautiful and how to make life more beautiful.

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