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Play Review – Mahabharat – The Epic Tale Rating – 5 Stars Magnum Opus Masterpiece!

By Aryeman

There may be re-runs and rehashes of Mahabharata on the small screen, but this play Mahabharat – The Epic Tale, sums it all just perfectly.


What it’s all about?

The play encapsulates the friendship and bonding of Duryodhan and Karn amidst the Mahabharat scenario. A different perspective that enriches the knowledge spectrum of this epic tale.

Play review:

Leading theatre production house Felicity Theatre has perfectly packaged this engrossing, engaging and extravagant Broadway-style mythological drama.


Kudos to producer-actor Rahul Bhuchar to promote quality theatre and give the audiences a mesmerizing experience. More power to Rahul Bhuchar and his team!

#AryemanSaysSo verdict – This play is surely HIGH ON ENERGY, not just with the stellar acting performances but also with the captivating, hypnotic story-telling mode. Great Job – Rahul Bhuchar, Puneet Issar and the entire team of Mahabharat – The Epic Tale!

 Writing and Direction Review:

Writer-director-actor Puneet Issar has outshined the competition with sheer brilliance. Every aspect of this magnum-opus is pitch-perfect. Great Job!

Acting Review:

Meghna Malik as Dharti maata sets the perfect mood for the play with her opening act. A mesmerizing performance with perfect pitch to set the graph high for what’s in store.

Sidhanth Issar, as the younger Duryodhan is a scene-stealer for sure. His volcanic performance erupts the stage with effervescent energy. You almost wish there could have been more of him. Issar Junior has surely made his father proud.

Puneet Issar’s towering presence, coupled with an action-packed performance makes this play an engaging trip. Having been part of B. R. Chopra’s Mahabharata for the small screen, Issar walks and talks the part with perfect ease, and yes with more gusto!

Rahul Bhuchar as Karn displays a plethora of emotions which speak volumes of a seasoned actor. His towering presence, with a baritone dialogue delivery surely wow the audiences.

Harleen Rekhi as Draupadi with Puneet Issar as Duryodhan

Harleen Kaur as Draupadi emerges with flying colours. Right from the height of arrogance to a woman in despair, Harleen’s emotions are pitch-perfect and worth an applause.

Danish Akhtar as Bheem is surely someone who you wouldn’t miss out on. A perfect choice for this role and he does emerge as a winner on the acting front too.

Yashodhan Rana as Lord Krishna impresses you with the ethereal, intoxicating smile and reverent energy which is expected for this glorious role.

Surinder Pal and Gufi Paintal add their valuable support along with the other star cast.

Production Values:

The CG backdrops leave an undeniable, impressive impact on the scenes. The props add that glam effect, so do the costume styling which are gloss and in-tune with the Era. The musical score, immaculate lighting create a larger-than-life effect which engage the audiences.

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