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Deccaleap Technologies launches trail-blazing fire safety products

By Aryeman

Pune based start-up Deccaleap Technologies today launched industry’s first of its kind fire safety products. The innovative fire safety products ‘Thro’ and ‘F-Protekkt’ are developed in such a way that it can instantly douse fire and help in controlling a situation which could otherwise lead to disaster . ‘Thro’ is an aesthetically designed, paper weight or vase shaped product which can be kept at residences, offices, hotels etc. whereas ‘F-Protekkt’ is fitted under the bonnet-hood of a car to thwart engine-fire accidents. The products are safe, harmless to humans, easy to use especially in cars and homes/offices to control fire. F-Protekkt is priced at INR 10,500 whereas the pack of 4 Thro products will be available at INR 1770 (inclusive of taxes) in India.

The products were unveiled today at the hands of renowned Bollywood Actor and company’s brand ambassador Suniel Shetty in a press conference. Rajiv Mitra, MD, Deccaleap Technologies and Anirban Sarkar, Group Chairman were also present at the event.

To display how the products work, a real fire like situation was well created during the event where Suniel Shetty made a grand entry by a car on the stage through split LED wall. TV commercials for these products were also revealed to the audience. Suniel Shetty expressed his happiness to endorse this noble initiative.

The two innovative products are user friendly and easy to store. To stop fire from spreading, one has to simply throw the product ‘Thro’ on the fire to douse it completely. The non- toxic chemicals used in this product cuts off oxygen supply and stops fire from spreading any further. The other product ‘F-Protekkt’ is India’s first self-activated engine fire extinguisher. The product fits under the bonnet of vehicles and in case of an engine fire, activates itself through smart heat sense technology that gets activated and douses the fire thereby preventing it from spreading further and causing harm to lives and property. These products do not leave any residue and are very sleek in design.

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