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Play Review – Salaam 1950s Ke Naam Rating – 5 Stars

By Aryeman

What’s the play about?

While most conventional theatre plays take inspiration from recent trends and remakes of successful adaptations, Salaam 1950s Ke Naam comes as a breath of fresh air which evokes magical memories the Fifties Era of our Indian film industry. A musical that will not just engage you but also revive your old-time hit musical memories to the forefront. And yes, there’s a decent dosage of comedy and meticulous acting.

Salaam_pix (5).jpg

Writing and Direction review:

For someone who has lived her life to Cinema and theatre, Nadira Zaheer Babbar’s astounding and original screenplay is water-tight and plays to the gallery. Incorporating the hit numbers of the Fifties era and engaging the audiences to accept the story-telling format (of a bygone era) is a tough task but Nadira-ji emerges victorious and publically successful.

Handling a motley of seasoned and fresh talent, ensuring perfection in the group scenes, packaging the project just right with accurate fashion trends (of that Era), underplaying the emotional exuberance on the acting techniques – all are bang on!

A special mention to the choreographer, Raj Yadav, who added the magical and extraordinary punch with superlative dance movements of the Fifties Era.

Acting Review:

The plot is a romantic with a plethora of characters which add an equal support to the storyline. Every actor has their moments but the ones who surely shimmer are listed below:

Juuhi Babbar Sonii – Eminent, versatile and superb. Be it her meticulous dancing skills, the twinkling eyes or the intuitive magical acting skill. This role looks tailor-made for Juuhi who emerges a winner at the box-office. Her eclectic persona will surely captivate the audiences.

BW_Juhi Babbar_Ankur Parekh_1_BKS (1).jpg

Ankur Parekh – He passes off as the eternal, handsome lover boy with perfect ease. A seasoned actor to the core, he derives his own charisma without resorting to resemblances or inferences from any actor of the Fifties era. Stunning performance for sure.

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Mithilesh Singh – His performance as Dalton will zap you with his natural comedy timing. Artistic, playful and endearing…a friend who everyone would love to have in their lives.

Hanif Patni – He takes his character to a different zone from his real life persona. The ease is effortless and note-worthy.

Sheetal Shardul – The negative shades of an arrogant, rich spoilt brat have been essayed with equal ease.

#AryemanSaysSo – Salaam 1950s Ke Naam is a ground-breaking, freshness loaded musical extravaganza. Go ahead and live the fun-filled moments of the Fifties Era!

Strongly recommended as a must watch for all theatre lovers!!

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