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Play Review – Chakravyuh – Rating 5 Stars – Opulent, Mesmerizing Magnum Opus!!

By Aryeman

Over the years, a lot has been seen and spoken about Mahabharata and Lord Krishna. The Film and Theatre Society’s theatrical act of “Chakravyuh” explores a totally different dimension to the great battle of Mahabharata. The outcome of this exercise is message-worthy for sure especially since the play is extravagant in all aspects.


The icing on the cake is surely getting an opportunity to assimilate the histrionics of actor Nitish Bharadwaj (the epitome of Lord Krishna) on stage. The audiences are wowed with his serene (yet manipulative) smile, composed dialogue delivery and the holistic aura he exudes to this larger-than-life character.

Sahil Chharba as the young Abhimanyu livens the character portrayal with remarkable ease.


Latika Jain’s heart-rending performance (as Subhadra) on losing her son at the battlefield will touch your heart strings.

Nishtha Paliwal Tomar as Draupadi is elegance and poise personified. Her strong demeanour adds the ethos of a woman of substance. Just perfect!

The dynamite performance comes from Sushmita Mehta who played Uttara. Superlative, sensational and sentiment evoking for sure!


Since it was an ensemble cast, each actor has done justice to their roles. What is surely commendable is the grandeur of the set designing, the elaborate wardrobe which adds the glam element to the period drama and of course the fine-tuned action scenes. Every aspect is prim-and-propah.


The audiences do feel that there should have been more of Nitish Bharadwaj’s presence on stage but that would have diffused the effective story-telling. The dialogue-writing would surely wow you for its accuracy and lucidity.

#AryemanSaysSo – A must watch play which gives you the pertinent answers we all are seeking in Life!

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