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3 healthy and nutrient benefits about Red Palm Oil.

By Aryeman

Since time immemorial, Palm oil has always been considered the poor Indian family’s oil. An oil which is normally associated for usage of frying food. Over the years with scientific research and enhancements, one notices a buzz about it.


RED PALM OIL is the healthy alternative to cooking. While there have been careless whispers about its colour and flavour addition to the meals, once you know the value additions it has on the health and nutrient front – you will surely be hooked on to it.

#AryemanSaysSo lists down 3 healthy and nutrient benefits about the Red Palm Oil.

  1. Red palm oil contains a high content of Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant. This source is good for your body immunity system.
  2. The high content of Vitamin A in red palm oil helps improve the carotenoids concentration required for your body.
  3. Red palm oil is a cold-pressed and unrefined fat. This helps retain the healthy nutrients which act faster within your immunity system

Do opt for Red Palm Oil for its nutrient and health-based value.

For more information on Malaysian Palm Oil, please check their website:

Their social media handles are:

Facebook – #MPOC India

Twitter – thinkpalmoil

Instagram – thinkpalmoil

Pinterest – mpocsocial

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