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Twinkle Khanna’s Exclusive Collaboration With Elbi India

By Aryeman

Award winning author & film producer Twinkle Khanna joining hand with global supermodel-philanthropist Natalia Vodianova to announce exclusive collaboration with Elbi India, the countries first charitable rewards based subscription platform.


  • India’s bestselling female author and film producer Twinkle Khanna has announced she will be offering exclusive gifts and experiences on the Elbi India platform in July and August including items from her personal wardrobe, signed copies of her book and a book writing experience.

Natalia + Timon.jpeg

  • Elbi India is a first of its kind philanthropic rewards-based web and mobile-friendly platform, leveraging the power of technology and storytelling to allow millions of users to subscribe to a club which allows them to do good, feel good and be rewarded.

 Co-founded by Global Supermodel and Philanthropist Natalia Vodianova, Elbi India will convert each rupee donated to charity into a ‘LoveCoin’, which can be redeemed to receive the latest luxury gifts from the Elbi LoveShop and ElbiDrop

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