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Food Review – Dawat-e-Eid at The Bayview, Hotel Marine Plaza

By Aryeman
The ambience recreated at the Bayview gave an enchanting feel to the Dawat-e-Eid food festival. The servers were dressed in Muslim pathani suits, white sheer curtains with lilting mirchi lights and of course the amazing Marine Drive view make the atmosphere a must-try experience.
The Bayview at Hotel Marine Plaza has a changing menu every day with their Eid food festival. Starters and soups are served on the table, if you want to pick on additional salads or starters, you can take your pick from the counters.
We started off with the paaya soup, some kebabs, fish pakoda and also some veg starters too. The mocktails served were excellent.
For the main course, their biryanis r delicious. The aromatic fragrance is evident and the meat is soft and well cooked. The mutton nihari and other chicken dishes are equally relishing, low on spice but surely slurpy.
They also have a live counter for galaouti kebabs and tawa preparations. The dessert of the day was the falooda but you can sample the other lineup of desserts which they have also.

Service was prompt. U get to eat all what you want rather than frequenting overcrowded streets of Mumbai for Eid special menus. 

Do try this food festival before 8th June 2019.

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