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Play Review – Two Adorable Losers – Writing and Direction

By Aryeman

On a personal note, I believe that it is the writer and the script which makes a play or film a blockbuster hit. However able hands of the director can only make the project a perfect and instant recall value for the audiences.

Writer-actor Abhishek Pattnaik has drawn inferences from his personal life effectively towards the character fleshing. Being an actor too, his magic has shimmered with the detailed body language for the character of Professor Jolly. The added compliment here is the blending of statistics in a lucid manner that entertains you and gives symbolism to reality. The relevance of the dialogues to the cricket sport surely add value to the story-telling. Great job!

Director Murtuza Kutianawala has ensured the dynamic touches of a smooth-sailing entertainer with kid’s gloves. The trail of lighting effect is a mood-changer, the brilliance in the actor’s performances shimmers brilliantly. Kudos to the taut and convincing overall effect to make this play a resounding entertainer.

A vote of thanks to the Out of the Box Productions team for their unstinted passion to recreate history and be the Change for Mumbai Theatre.

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