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Play Review – Two Adorable Losers – Rating 5 Stars

By Aryeman

Inferiority complex – haven’t we all been through this phase at some point of our life? The 96th theatrical show of Out of the Box Productions of their play Two Adorable Losers” is an eye-opener of sorts and incorporates the complexities as the main subject premise.

96th Show_Two Adorable Losers at Royal Opera House 7PM.jpg

Firstly, because the premise (statistics as a subject and a balding professor in the lead) it starts on is mundanely boring and how it progresses to be an entertainer. Secondly, it’s the sheer brilliance of effective story-telling, awe-inspiring and award winning performances that make you scream “WOW”.

Two Adorable Losers has been one of the best plays I have watched in recent times. An untouched theme, with decent doses of humour and crisp story-telling are surely note-worthy.

Without divulging the synopsis, it’s best to experience the maddening magic that this play is exhibiting. Do read the other reviews pertaining to the play.

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